Vegan Shoes

While many shoe companies have been pretty slow to put out vegan shoe options, others have seen opportunity in this area. One such company is Earth Shoes, which boasts quite an impressive line of vegan shoes. This company is not exclusively vegan, and does produce non-vegan shoes as well, so you need to make sure what you are buying is what you want. They have a good range of products as well, ranging from dress shoes to boots to sandals to comfortable walking and running shoes. Here is a review of the most popular Earth vegan shoes.

Earth Vegan Glide

earth glideThis is your casual, walk-around-town everyday shoe, and comes in both mens and womens sizes. Like many other Earth shoes, the glide features Kalso negative heel technology, which shifts your weight onto your heel a little more than normal shoes, which helps to strengthen leg muscles and reportedly burns more calories when walking than wearing normal shoes.  Take a look at the Earth Vegan Glide here at Zappos.

Earth – Elite Vegan Boots

For women looking for a stylish vegan boot, the Earth Elite is a great choice. It comes in 6 earth elite vegan bootgreat colors, has a 14 inch high, waterproof upper, and is certified vegan. Unlike many other womens boots, which put fashion before comfort, this boot is well endowed with comfort features like reinforced arch support, a soft microfiber lining to prevent rubbing, and it also has the negative heel technology mentioned above.  See all 6 styles of Earth Elite Boot Here at Zappos.

Earth Prestige Vegan Footwear

earth prestigeThe Earth Prestige is a stylish womens shoe that comes in 5 different color choices. It has a vegan patent upper that looks sleek. Earth shoes tries really hard to make sure that their shoes are as comfortable as they can be. It also features a negative heel, meant to tone and strengthen leg muscles while you walk. See the Earth Prestige Vegan Shoe Line Here.  See the Earth Prestige Vegan Shoe Line Here.

Other Earth Vegan Shoes

Earth Lazer Vegan

For a more casual shoe, take a look at the Earth Lazer, which is a slip on style and comes in brown and black. This shoe is designed for comfort and packs light and easily.

Earth Kinetic Vegan

The Kinetic is similar to the glide, but it is a bit more of an all around exercise shoe. It is designed to provide ultimate comfort for people on the go, whether it is walking through town, a forest, or playing tennis. There aren’t too many vegan athletic shoes, and this one has a negative heel as well, which makes it popular among people who have come to love this new technology. See them here.

Few people haven’t noticed the surge in popularity of womens boots in recent years.  All you need to do is take a stroll through any city when it is cool outside and you will see scores of these fashionable boots.  While lots of the mainstream boots are unfortunately made out of things like leather and fur, the good news is that there are lots of great vegan shoes that don’t use these animal products.  The vegan boots women love are definitely available, and so are other styles for everyone else, like men and kids.  Here is a rundown of the most popular styles of vegan boots.

Vegavegan bootsn Womens Boots

With the popularity of vegan clothes and shoes these days, you can usually find any style of boot that you want.  One of the most popular kinds is the one made famous by Ugg.  Vegan sheepskin boots are the perfect alternative to those that use real skin, and they even have faux fur in them.  Another popular style is the vegan laceup boot, often reaching as high as the knee.  See all of the Vegan Womens Boots Here.

hiking bootVegan Hiking Boots

As anyone who regularly hits the trail knows, a good pair of hiking boots is the most important thing of all.  While the selection of this type of boot is usually dominated by leather and suede, there are vegan hiking boots now as well.  Technology has evolved a lot in recent years, allowing for lots of man-made materials that breathe and are water resistant, making them perfect for a vegan hiking boot. See all of the Vegan Hiking Boots Here

cowboy bootsVegan Cowboy Boots

While virtually all of the cowboy boots in times past were made out of leather, things have changed.  Faux leather is readily available and a great alternative, which means that vegan cowboy boots that look the same as their counterparts can be had. See all of the Vegan Cowboy Boots Here

Vegan Snow Boots

As with the hiking boots, all of the man-made weather resistant materials that have been invented in recent years means that boots that stand up in the winter can easily be found.  All the readily available faux-fur means that they will keep you feet toasty warm in addition to looking great. See all of the Vegan Winter Snow Boots Here

Vegan Work Boots

work shoeIf there is one segment that still lacks a bit of choice, it is the vegan work boot.  Work boots have long been dominated by leather, and we are just beginning to see a few vegan alternatives popping up.  Many workers need to wear steel toed boots to protect their feet.  These are really tough to find, but there are a few around. The main problem seems to stem from the fact that most materials can’t seem to pass the stringent testing requirements that work boots require. Here is a Men’s Safety Toe Shoe and a Women’s Safety Toe Shoe

Vegan Combat Boots

There are two types of combat boots:  Those made for fashion, and those designed for real military combat use.   The fashion kind for women can be found, but the military style ones are pretty tough to find.  I haven’t seen any yet that don’t have leather on them, but will add them here if I come across any.  One hint that I have learned is that it helps to search for vegetarian shoes as well as vegan, since they are the same thing, but may be labeled as one or the other.

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