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Many people taste their first cup of Africafe when they visit Tanzania.  While it may be a big company in that country, the rest of the world really doesn’t know it exists.  Despite this, there are a lot of people who think that Africafe coffee is the best tasting coffee they have ever had.  Even people who say they don’t like instant coffee still think it is wonderful.  In addition, a lot of their products are organic instant coffee, which can be hard to find sometimes.  The good thing is that you can buy it online now, so you can bring the taste of Tanzania into your home whenever you want.  Here is what you need to know about Africafe.

Africafe Pure Instant Coffee in a 100 gram tin.


Africafe Pure Instant Coffee in a 50 gram tin from Exclusive Gourmet Coffee.


Africafe 3 in 1 Pure Instant Coffeemix in individual serving sachets that include a blend of sugar and powered cream. 10 sachets in a package.


Africafe Pure Ground Coffee in 50 gram serving package from Exclusive Gourmet Coffee.


Starbucks Africa Kitamu Coffee, Ground, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)


Caranda Coffee Kenyan AA Whole Bean Coffee, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

About Africafe Coffee

This coffee is made by a company called Afri Tea and Coffee Blenders.  Run by the government of Tanzania for decades, it was sold to a private company.  Afri Tea and Coffee is a quality brand, and is one of the only companies that gets locally grown coffee and tea and processes it locally.  The result is a quality organic instant coffee that is certified.  Most of its products are certified organic, even though the front of the tin just says “Pure” on it.

Types of Africafe Coffee

Africafe produces a whole line of different coffee and tea products, and you can find some of their organic coffee online.  While all of them are available in Tanzania and other African countries, many of them aren’t found in the rest of the world.  Fortunately, you can get both their instant coffee and ground coffee beans online.  Africafe instant coffee comes in either 50 gram, 100 gram, or 250 gram tins.  They also sell a 3 in 1 coffee, which includes sugar and powdered cream as well.  It is actually really hard to find certified organic 3 in 1 coffee packs, so if you are looking for them, this is a great choice.  Ground Africafe coffee beans are also certified organic and come in 50 gram pouches.

Coffee is literally everywhere these days.  You can get it in bags at the supermarket, in a cup at the coffee shop, convenience store, or even the gas station.  In fact, you really never have to walk more than a block or two in any city or town in the world these days without seeing coffee in some form or another.  Despite this abundant supply, many people actually prefer to get their coffee online.  Why?  Simply because ordering organic coffee online is the best way to get the best selection for the best price.  In addition, it is actually the only way to buy certain specialty coffees that are impossible to find in local stores for most people.

Our Bestselling Organic Coffee

Artisan Handcrafted Organic, Private Reserve Diamond 100% Pure Kona Coffee, Pure Luxury, 8 Oz Whole Bean


Cameron’s Organic French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 32-Ounce Bag


Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Sumatran Dark Roast, Whole Bean, 32-Ounce Bag


Coffee People Organic K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)


BackCountry Coffee Roasters Organic Cowboy Mud Blend, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)


Hawaii Roasters Organic 100% Kona Coffee, Whole Bean, Medium Roast, 5 Lb


Yuban Organic Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 11-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)


Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, 3.53-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)


Organic Camano Island Coffee Roasters Brazil, Dark Roast, Ground, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)


Volcano Dark Roast, Organic Kona Hawaiian Coffee, 8 Oz, Whole Bean


Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, Regular Roast, Ground, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)


BuyWell 100% Fair Trade Organic Single Origin Sampler: Peru, Guatemala, Sumatra, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3) WHOLE BEAN


Coffee People Tree Hugger Fair Trade & Organic for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2)


Coffee People Extra Bold Organic, Dark Roast Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2)


Coffee People Kona Blend Island Style, Extra Bold K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)


Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 16-Ounce Bag


Getting specialty organic coffee online is the biggest reason most people shop for it this way.  Local coffee shops and large supermarkets usually have dozens of choices, but when it comes to organic coffee, a lot of people find that they don’t have so many to choose from after all.  Searching for organic coffee online is actually very easy, and it is a great way to connect yourself with organic coffee that is grown all over the world.  Here are some of the best choices for buying coffee online that you would be hard pressed to find at local stores.   You can also get organic instant coffee online, which is pretty hard for some people to find, even at health food stores.

The first type is Kona coffee.  Getting Organic Kona coffee online is a lot easier than finding it in stores, since most stores only sell the conventional kind.  The Kona area, on the Big Island of Hawaii has dozens of small, family owned coffee farms.  Many of these farms produce exceptional organic coffee, but since they are small farms, their coffee isn’t distributed around the world.  Whether you want just a 1 pound bag or an organic coffee gift box to send to a friend, there is a large selection available on Amazon.  The same thing is true with other locations, such as Costa Rica, Panama, and Tanzania.  You can find all of these coffees online easier than you can in stores.

The second reason many people choose to shop online is because they know they can get the best price that way.  A very popular type of coffee these days is the K-cup, or coffee pod, which are little individual sized cups that fit into a single cup coffee machine.  If you have a Keurig machine, look for organic K cups online.  If you have a Senseo coffee machine, look for coffee pods.  There are a huge variety of organic coffee pods online.  Choose from famous brands like Newman’s Organic, Diedrich, or get a mixed box that has a few different types in it and try them all.