Many people are choosing to buy organic products, and for good reason. Products that are organic do not contain synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or genetically modified material. This is a legal term, and producers must abide by strict measures in order to obtain it. Fruits, vegetables, and even cotton can all be grown organically. Organic sleepwear is a great way to start switching to this special clothing.  Due to international standards, even products grown in other countries must adhere to these same standards if they want to have the organic label on them.

Popular Organic Sleepwear Choices

Under the Nile Organic Cotton Long Johns / Pajamas – Blue Hippo (12 Months, Hippo Print)


Gaiam Jersey Knit Organic Cotton Pajamas – Natural / Ivory (SMALL)


Kicky Pants Long Sleeved Pajama Set, Moss, 6-12 Months


Hudson Baby Organic Sleep N Play and Bib, Blue, 3-6 months


Under the Nile Organic Long John PJs in Pink Stripes


Ecoland Organic Cotton Baby Long Sleeve Lap-T Shirt and Pants Set – White 12-18 months


Ecoland Women’s Organic Cotton Pajama Spa Gift Set – Natural M


Under the Nile Organic Long John PJs in Blue Stripes


When it comes to sleepwear, using organic materials that aren’t processed with chemicals is certainly best.  Organic cotton is commonly used to make sleepwear. Other organic materials like hemp and bamboo can also be found. Many people find that organic cotton is softer, of a higher quality, and that they feel better wearing it. This softness lasts even after multiple washings, unlike other cotton materials that get thin and flimsy after a few uses. It is easier to find organic sleepwear online since it isn’t sold too often in stores, though some specialty retailers are beginning to carry it as well.

Choosing to live a more natural lifestyle is a great message to pass down through the family. Children will have a greater appreciation of nature and will grow up to help conserve our planet. Organic sleepwear for toddlers is cute, comfortable, and safer for the environment. Organic sleepwear for babies and toddlers is actually one of the most common organic apparels available. Coccoli is a popular brand offering a wide variety of organic sleepwear for toddlers. Choosing organic is more expensive because it costs more to produce. Prices range from thirty to forty dollars.

Organic sleepwear for women is also easy to find. The delicate weave of the cotton allows it to be more breathable. Nightgowns sleep shirts, and sets are all available. The styles range from simple to alluring. Gaiam is one of the leading manufacturers of organic clothing for women. They produce beautiful clothing that uses organic cotton and bamboo. Anything that is organic will be more costly. Organic sleepwear for women can be found for between twenty and seventy dollars.

Living a natural and green lifestyle is good for the planet and for families.  Some of the best ways to   do this involve reducing our use of toxic chemicals.   By consuming organic produce and wearing organically produced sleepwear and other clothing, you are doing your part.