One kind of tea that has really gained in popularity over the past few years is Wu Long tea.  Until fairly recently, this type of tea was relatively unheard of outside of Asia.  Times have changed though, and these days Wu Long tea is a lot more easy to come by.

What is Wu Long Tea?

If you really want to know where can I find Wu Long Tea, it helps to know just a little bit about what it is and where it comes from.  The name Wu Long is actually a place in the country of Taiwan.  It is in this high mountain region of Wu Long, Taiwan that the tea is grown.
Wu Long tea is made from the same type of tea plant that green tea and black tea are made from.  The difference between these teas is in the fermentation process.  Green tea is not fermented, black tea is highly fermented, and Wu Long tea is in the middle, partly fermented.  The result is a great tasting tea that is loved by many people throughout the world.  While many people still call it Wu Long tea, there is some confusion because it is also called by a simpler spelled name, Oolong tea.  The two teas are exactly the same, just sometimes they are spelled one way and sometimes the other.  This is where the confusion usually stems from, and when some people have a hard time finding Wu Long tea, it is usually because they need to be searching for Oolong tea.

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Where Can I Find Wu Long Tea?

Like other teas, the highest quality teas are not sold in teabags.  If you want to get the high quality stuff, you need to get what is called loose leaf tea.  If you happen to be in Taiwan, you can find Wu Long tea almost everywhere.  If you don’t live there, the best thing for you to do is look for it at  Take a look at some of the teas above.  Pretty much all of the big tea companies are selling Oolong tea these days, mostly in bags.  For most people, this suits them just fine.  If you want to get the good stuff though, you need to buy loose leaf Oolong tea and make it yourself in a teapot.  It is pretty easy to do, and is about the same as making green tea this way.  Prices of Wu Long tea can vary from the very inexpensive to very costly, depending on the quality.  Most people are satisfied with an inexpensive tea, but if you want to try the really good stuff, you can get that online as well.  Just like you can get things like organic coffee online, tea is also readily available.