For parents that live on a vegan diet, the lifestyle covers everything that they eat, wear, and how they live.  A vegan lifestyle strives to ensure no animal products are used in the food or clothes used.  Naturally, this means that vitamins that are eaten by vegans should not contain any animal products either.  Making sure of this can be a little tricky sometimes for a number of reasons.  The first reason is because animal based ingredients can hide under some names that most people have never heard of.  If you are looking for a vegan kids multiple to give your child, here is a guide to some of the best ones.

The easiest and best thing to do is simply look at the bottles of kids multivitamins and find labels that say the word vegan on them.  If they don’t say “vegan”, there is a good chance that there will be some animal ingredients in there.  Maybe it is in the capsules itself, which often includes gelatin.  Maybe there will be some fish oil in there.

Here are some kids vegan multiples that are good choices.

Vegan Kids Multiple – 60 – Chewable

Country Life Tall Tree Children’s Chewable Wafer, 100-Count

VegLife – Vegan Kids Multiple Berry – 60ct Chew

The top choice among most parents is Veglife Vegan Kids Multiple.  This is a great choice because it delivers your standard array of vitamins and also a boost of other ingredients such as flax seeds, fruit and vegetable concentrates, and superfoods like spirulina.  As far as the sweeters go, Veglife Vegan Kids Multiple uses natural sweeteners like Xylitol and sorbitol that do not contribute to tooth decay.  Their mulitvitamins don’t have sugar or fructose in them.

The next one is Tall Tree Children’s Chewable Multivitamin.  In a world with very few vegan kids multiples, this is definitely one of the best ones.  This multivitamin covers the basic spectrum of vitamins.  Having said that, it doesn’t add anything other ingredients that are getting so popular these days.  Things like green superfoods, acai berry concentrate definitely aren’t in there.  If you just want a basic vegetarian kids multiple without any animal ingredients at all, this is a good choice.