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About Us

Welcome to Vegan Gift Shop, your online resource for cruelty-free products for a gentle compassionate lifestyle.

The Vegan Gift Shop is owned and operated by vegetarians & vegans who share your concerns for the planet, the animals, and human health. We have created this shop to make cruelty-free shopping easier for you.

All of the products were carefully selected to make sure they in fact are vegan. We are proud to be affiliated with our partner site, "HappyCow's Vegetarian to Restaurants & Health Food Stores," on the web at:

Our Mission

Vegan Gift Shop provides fine quality, cruelty-free products that come from established and respected suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to shop with compassion.

We contribute to organizations that also value environmental sustainability, animal friendly, compassionate living, and the advancement of a vegan lifestyle.

Browse, shop, and have fun!




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